Hi, my name is Quinten De Clercq

"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it."
Bill Gates
Bill gates

About me

I am Quinten De Clercq, a 19 year old student living in Oudenaarde Belgium. Someone who strives for innovation.
I want to be constantly up to date with the lastest technologies, and try them out myself. I am also a gym rat
(I work out a lot)

Quinten De Clercq


I graduated in high school with a degree in IT management. And now I am in the last year of my bachelor MCT (Multimedia & Communication Technology) with specialization AI-engineer.


In high school I was a trainee at My-websitebuilder.com where I designed and made a website with their own cms system. My dad has constuction companies (We Renovate Decxan Plastics) where I work during my holidays from bricklaying to installing windows and doors

My Projects

Agenda with invoicing program

A program written in PHP, HTLM and CSS. An agenda where the appointments could be invoiced made for a psychologist

Weather Station

A Raspberry Pi project where the data of temperature, humidity and UV was collected written in Python (Flask) with SQL.

Balans Jump

A web application for children to introduce them to sports in a fun way. Made with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and C#


A website where you login with fitbit and it analyzes your sleep patterns. HTML, CSS and Python


A website I designed in wordpress for my dad's company


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